Hello my name is Mich De L' Orme and this is the first website to make the many faces of Mich connect. So who is this "Mich D." guy you may be wondering, or not :) I have been called many things some nice some not so nice, none of that matters. I am a professional new media specialist with many online names. In my business it is not about making sure everyone knows who I am, the point is to make sure everyone knows who my clients are or what my clients do. My business is business itself in all digital, electronic and online forms. From advertising to marketing, affiliates to products, blogs to websites, creatives to traffic, design to strategy, development to optimization, domaining to promotion, email to personas and virtually all fields between, yes i do that. So I will begin with a list of some things I am not.

  • I am not an SEO but I am better at it than most.
  • I am not an SMO although I do it better than most.
  • I am not a Web Designer even though I am good at it.
  • I am not a Web Developer even though I work with most any code.
  • I am not an SEM even though I am excellent with PPC.
  • I am not an Internet Marketer though I know how quite well.
  • I am not a Domainer although I have owned hundreds of domains.
  • I am not an Affiliate Marketer but many years it has paid my bills.
All the old tags terms and title have no ability to explain what I do. I say it simple.

I am a New Media Specialist

If you found me you may have needed me but....
The one thing I am not beyond any other thing,
Even more so than the things I am is..
For Hire.

Don't ask, it will not happen. You cannot pay me to do what I do or work for you. I work for fun and I enjoy my work. That is all...

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