Definition of a Natural American: Why am I Called 'Me' Mich De and What's a De L'Orme

What is a natural American? Well... I'm a French Canadian Algonquin German Scottish English Native Californio ... you can't get more 'real American' than this and like most I have enough racial native Heinz 57 heritage, I'm nothing more nothing less than a natural born American Native.

How can my name be Mich isn't that a word? Yes in German (Deutsch) Mich is a word for 'Me' ... Mich just fit and for years I joked of being just me to many instead of saying a name... Michael was shortend to Mich and here I am, yes, Mich is me, and I am he.
The De thing runs along a close vein, although this part is the root of my last name, De in French is 'of' or 'from' ... put that with 'me' in English carrying the meanings and the gag is I am me. Mich De.
De L'Orme is French and ties back o Germanic nomads, Celts and Gauls. In English it means people from the elms, our family tree...
All together I am Me from the Elm Trees   ... Mich De L'Orme